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SKRILLEX!! Tuesday Madness ! Tomorrow is the WEEKEND!

Tuesday is today, but SKRILLEX said tomorrow is the WEEKEND , so you and my friend should hang out ! What do you think ? I can’t get enough of this song, it’s #fuckingepic, yes ! i said it and … Continue reading

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Double Wobble Feature

So the guy above goes by the name of Paul Ollinger and I don’t really know a lot about him to be honest. I’ve seen him around East Atlanta and he seems like a pretty quiet dude. I’m a pretty … Continue reading

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Soundtrack for Sundays 8/29/10

This is another one of those trusted tracks that always put me in the right mood. It’s a couple of years old but who gives a damn. Good music is good music. The Shoe Remix makes it easier for me … Continue reading

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Rotofugi’s Grand Opening!

Well not really but they are moving to another location. When we went up to Chicago a few weeks ago to dj, we stopped by Rotofugi to get our vinyl toy fix on. Rotofugi has got to be one of … Continue reading

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Worst Invention Ever…

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Vinyl Is Not Dead.

As long as they continue to push products like this, vinyl will never be dead. There’s no pitch fader so you can’t use it to dj but its still a work of art. Just simply beautiful.

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J. Cole who?

I was having brunch with my Cobra fam this past Sunday and the homie Martina Mcfly schooled me on this J. Cole rapper guy. Went home googled this dude and I have to say I’m actually feelin’ him. This is … Continue reading

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R.I.P Aaliyah

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001 “…at your best. you are love…”

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iBike iPhone Memorial Drive

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nothing inspires me less nowadays than the state of popular music.i dont begrudge the one hit wonders that abound these days, or even the “artists” whose releases are never intended to do more than sell a ring tone or inversely, … Continue reading

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