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As the Rush Comes

Remix by DJ Kue is soooo good! Not sure why this dude is not playing out more often! Been playing this dude remixes since forever. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (DJ Kue Remix) Advertisements

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6 foot 7 foot.

Yup she’s at it again.

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Just Another Day At Work

I can’t explain it but this is what it feels like sometime when I suit up to dj a party.

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Such a good lineup tonight! I’m sharing the stage with DJ Dibiase, Heroes&Villains and Mayhem tonight at King Plow! HauteMess Yo!

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This is as awesome as it’s going to get.

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Knock Out!

So much swag! New video from GD&TOP! I need that Chanel Bearbrick in the video! Please!

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Look At Me Now (Cover by Karmin)

Yo this chick is getting it in!

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Latest from BreFontaine: Bumrush (video)

The kid is back!! Check out this latest video: Bumrush. Sick! If you still don’t know who BreFontaine is, please do us a favor and shoot yourself. Better yet, here’s an interview we got a few months ago! Educate yourself! … Continue reading

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So shit just got a little more ignorant, our homie Big Freedia just signed on to the bill for DOWN & DURTY x BLAST By COLT . Arrive early cause this shit is going to hit capacity !!!

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Soundtrack for Sundays

So good! The original was dope but Diplo added his touch to it and it’s definitely a banger now. Kelly Rowland – Motivation (Diplo Remix)

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