Luxury Trap

Imagine two purveyors of the cool on a crash-collision in a poorly lit room. Do they battle to the death? Perhaps they discuss the current state of politics?Or do they start a weekly party which ultimately leads to them becoming a duo? Meet the Vault Boyz, the visual rendition of what cool is; a production/dj duo that delivers totally new latitudes that redefines the world “cool.” Daniel Disaster (Heroes & Villains) and C.WILL (BLKKMORRIS) joined together to create music that ended up creating a totally brand new lifestyle: The Luxury Trap.

Luxury Trap is the juxtaposition of every facet of the nightlife: a triple threatener, sidewinding fusion with the dank, dark hood spots in which “rolling deep” with your homies is more than just a prerequisite, the high energy hipster bars in which high class means PBR, and the dimly lit posh bar where every outfit comes with a Porsche, and every bag comes with K.

Put these nightlifes on the anvil and the Vault Boyz as the driver/hammer, and you’ve created the Luxury Trap: a trifecta procreated to unite the social hierarchies of night life and create a vessel where dark and light exists, a genre that emits and generates energy simultaneously. Luxury Trap is the instrument that creates clarity in the void, taking socialites into a definitive experience.

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