Just one of those days.

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Now You See Me…Now You Don’t.

My girlfriend likes it so it must be good.

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When was the last time it just Sofakingevil and JayEnvy doing a set all night?

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Vote for Pedro.

Making my debut at Connect Lounge with all the homies!

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Great song and even more awesome video!

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Sountrack for Sundays

I love the sample on this song. I’ll give you a dollar if you can tell me where they sampled the beat from. Song is a few years old but still dope and perfect for a chill Sunday.

The D.E.Y. – I Miss You

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Heroes & Villians is back with a new track!

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The homies from Red Mob recently posted up their remix to what may be one of the biggest songs of 2011! Leave a comment on the soundcloud and get a link to the free download!


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A few things cross my mind whenever I preview mixtapes (or new music in general). Can I write to this? Will I enjoy this under the influence of illicit substances? If so, what kind/combination of illicit substances?

Most importantly, would this make suitable nightcap music?

While listening to ‘Sex Trap,’ the debut mixtape from BLKKMORRIS, the answer to all of my questions is a resounding yes. The first listen is conducted in a cloud of marijuana smoke and by the end of it, I found myself overwhelmed by the urge to sip Japanese whiskey (neat) while discussing Nietzsche with a lady of the night from Cheetah Lounge.

Sex Trap is a mixtape for the sophisticated degenerate; who still stays up too late only it’s to watch obscure art films, instead of snorting cocaine through $20 dollar bills. Who still occasionally has one too many, only the shots of Jager have been replaced by aged Scotch.

And who’s graduated from cramped dive bars to slick, clandestine lounges.

-Casesar Shultz

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?v5d0b083c5c8slz

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Eastside Lounge

Doing a special set tonight at Eastside Lounge!

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